Wednesday, September 26, 2012


There was a time in which most of my "high street" clothes were from Banana Republic, but something happened in the last 5 or so years and now I barely even bother looking there anymore.  And then the Canadian $ started getting better and I re-connected with my old friend J.Crew.  And haven't looked back.  And now my closet is packed with J.Crew.  I could probably open up my own store. 

On to today's outfit...I love this.  Even with the protruding pot belly.  I just freaking love the retro jade colour so freaking much!!!  A I'm so happy that the skirt and blouse matched so perfectly.  This is my first time wearing the jacket and it's a little more stiff than I like - needs to be "broken in" a bit I guess.  I also decided to put in a close-up of the shoes, because I just adore them.  They are extremely comfortable and have such a classic shape - and the print is just divine (I also have them in the leopard print and they are just as lovely!).

Jacket / Shirt / Skirt / Purse / Shoes: J.Crew
Watch: Jacques Lemans
Jewels: Alexis Bittar, Ralph Lauren, Swarovski (OMG - no J.Crew???)

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  1. another winner Sinead. That jade is a great color.
    and those are definitely Sinead shoes!! :-)
    ( and I miss seeing them)