Monday, February 25, 2013


First up...the worst (in no particular order).

Nicole Kidman, what is that thing in the middle of your dress?  No.

Olivia Mumm, you are beautiful, but I do not understand why you have your living room curtains wrapped around your bottom half, but kept your bum exposed.  Just weird.

Catherine, you are one of my favourites, but this dress just does you no favours.

I don't even know who this woman (woman??) is, but she just looks trashy.

Oh K.Stew, you are so emo.

Melissa McCarthy, I love you but that hair is horrendous and the dress does you no justice.  You should take some lessons from Queen Latifah in how to rock your body!!

And...the best (again, in no particular order).

Amy Adams - just stunning.

Kerry Washington - gorgeous and classy as always (although I think she's gotten too thin and is starting to look like a bit like a Q-tip)

Halle Berry - words fail me.  How is this woman so ageless and beautiful?

Jennifer Lawrence - stunning and love the backwards necklace.  Even more, I love this girl's attitude.

Jane Fonda - hot mama!!  Hotter than most women 1/3 her age!!

Naomi Watts - back from the future with sex appeal galore.  That neckline is killer!

Jennifer Anniston - love that she departed from her normal body hugging black.  And she is just glowing!!

Sally Field - another hot mama!  

Stacey Kiebler - wow, just wow.  This may actually be my favourite - it's just crazy how beautiful this dress is.

Charlize Theron - always one of my favourites and loving the short hair.  She may be one of the most beautiful women ever!!

What are your thoughts?  Who were your hits and misses?

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