Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Love the colour of this dress - it's just so stunning.  I felt better about how I looked before I took these pictures (at the end of the day no less!!) and now I just feel frumpy and gross.  And man alive, when did my boobs get so big??

What do you think is better though - with or without the cardigan??

I am flumoxed as to how all these wonderful lady bloggers take pictures of themselves without the phone covering their whole body?  The hubster is a part-time photographer - you'd think I'd be able to use him, but we hardly see each other during the day.  Lucky guy gets to mostly see me in my "house clothes" - haha.

Dress: Calvin Klein
Cardigan: JCrew 
Belt: old, who knows
Shoes: Jimmy Choo
Purse: Louis Vuitton
Jewels: Tiffany, Ralph Lauren, Swarovski, custom
Fat Arms: all me!

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