Thursday, November 29, 2012

OOTD - MONOCHROME's COLD outside today (-14 celcius)!!  In weather like this, all I want is to be warm and cozy.  Until this May, I worked from home for the last several years, so that was easy.  But now I'm with a different company and at the office every day.  So my solution is these chucky turtlenecks from J.Crew.  I know there have been a lot of negative reviews about the Cambridge Cable Chunky Turtleneck (pilling, etcl), but I haven't had any of these issues and love it (I have in 3 colours!!).

Sweater: J.Crew
Skirt: J.Crew
Boots: Tory Burch*
Purse: Talbots
Watch: Rotary
Jewels: J.Crew, custom

*I have had three compliments on my boots today - gotta say, I love them a lot too!!!

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  1. The cable t-neck will never go out of style :)